Helping you to become an Outstanding Speaker

By finding your true voice and becoming a storyteller with a message

Boost Your Business Speaking Online – Virtual Summit

As speakers we all have to embrace change and start to develop our online presence and this is your chance to learn from the experts.  I am one of 30 great speakers sharing our expertise and speaking on our favourite favourite topics at the Boost Your Business Virtual Summit. 

Join me where I will be talking about What’s Your Story. 

If you have heard me speak before you will know that I love telling stories and I use them because they help make my speeches more memorable and entertaining.

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn 

  • Where to look for your best stories
  • How to structure your stories for best impact
  • How to make stories more memorable and entertaining

Click here now to find out more: Boost Your Business Speaking Online

30 brilliant speakers, essential insights, practical applications.  Learn  how to create REAL online speaking success. 

Fast-track your speaking career, increase your influence, book more gigs and BOOST your income by joining this Powerful Online Speaker Training Event.

To find out more about the individual expert speakers and to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity, click here: Boost Your Business Speaking Online to book your place.  

P.S    You will also gain access to a Secret Facebook Group where you can interact directly with all of the speakers and ask your questions. 

What’s Your Story Trailer

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There are many websites and services that teach Presentation Skills - This is not one of them.

This site is devoted to helping you to go beyond that and become an Outstanding Speaker.

If you want people to spend time coming to a meeting to hear you speak you must make that a worthwhile experience.  Sadly most people do not.

As a Professional Speaker I attend a lot of conferences and listen to a lot of speeches and 80% of them are a complete waste of time.  They wasted my time as a member of the audience and they wasted the speaker’s time.

Why a waste of time?   Well by the time I got my coffee at the break I was unable to tell you:
  1. The name of the speaker
  2. What they were speaking about
  3. How I was going to use anything I heard in the speech.
It would have been better if they had written out the speech and sent me copy to read. 

Becoming an outstanding speaker is not difficult.  All you have to do is Stand Out from the crowd of mostly mediocre speakers.  To do that you need to deliver a speech that people remember and that inspires them to take some action.