GenderShift – The Greatest Social Change in History

I have just read an article about why the world needs more women leaders – a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with but I couldn’t help noticing that the article was written by a man and that there were huge assumptions about the commercial world that were entirely male in concept. Let me explain. I changed […]

Focus on Positive Memories to Grow

I have been very busy the past weekend trying to complete my ecourse on how to Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking. I got to day five of the 7 day course and then found myself questioning it and ended up rewriting the first four sections. Throughout the time I have been researching and writing […]

Finding a sense of purpose and an inspired vison

Its been a busy couple of days. Having risen at 4:30 am yesterday to travel over 3 hours to London and deliver an intensive presentations skills workshop before returning home, I was back up again this morning at the same time to travel across country to Blackburn where I was the closing speaker for a […]

Answering the question “What do you do?”

I have just delivered a one day workshop on public speaking for a group of Women in Business on behalf of and I am exhausted, but exhilerated. The group were very positive and eager to learn and we had a very productive day. The focus of this course is not just on public speaking […]

Take care – Links can damage your PageRank

I have been delving into the depths of Link Exchange and discovered it’s a lot more complex and dangerous than I first expected and it’s all down to understanding Google’s PageRank, a complex mathematical calculation of the value of a web page. The higher the PageRank the better the page does in Google. The first […]

Struggling to get people to read my Blog

I don’t know whether you have noticed this but the world is made up of two kinds of people. There are those who know what Blogging is and there are those who sort of glaze over as if in a strange trance whenever they hear or read about Blogging. Technology is funny that way – […]