Performancing – Makes Blogging Easier to Manage | Helping Bloggers Succeed I am still exploring what this site can do – but there are two features that have already become indispensible to me The first is the firefox extention. (If you are still using internet explorer – you should have got the message by not – all the really cool developments […]

The Importance of Long Tail Marketing

I have increasingly been hearing about Long Tail Marketing recently and made a point today to check it out. If this is a term that is unfamiliar to you stay with me. If you know what Long Tail Marketing, is but would like to know more I have added some links and resources to my […]

Speaking about Transgender History

Well I had some fun yesterday. I have spoken at just about every sort of venue, but yesterday was a new experience – I was speaking at a Shopping Centre, right in the centre of the Princess Quays shopping centre in Hull on a busy Friday morning. It was not without its challenges I have […]