Procrastination – Not so bad after all.

I am frequently guilty of procrastination. All my life I have battled with this affliction and seen it as the cause of many of my failures in life. Then today I watched Adam Grants TED talk on original thinkers and discovered that being a procrastinator is not that bad after all. In fact, according to […]

Platform mechanics at the PSA

Platform Mechanics to enhance your Speaking

I’d never heard of Platform Mechanics until I first joined the National Speakers Association (NSA) about 20 years ago.  Then it was still one of eight professional competencies speakers were expected to master.  Today it seems that the term has largely been replaced by Stagecraft which I find a bit confusing.  Stagecraft comes from the theatre […]

A Storyteller with a Message

A professional speakers is a storyteller with a message. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is – if you want people to remember who you are,  what you have to say and take some action you have to tell stories. I realised very early on in my speaking career that the biggest challenge I faced was […]

Have You Earned The Right to Speak

The quickest way to fail in public speaking is to try to present yourself as an expert in a subject you have not Earned the Right to Speak about. As a professional speaker and facilitator I have sat through a lot of corporate events in the past 30 years and had the misfortune to experience some dire presentations, […]

Scientific Evidence that PowerPoint can send you to Sleep

Back to the dreaded PowerPoint again which I discussed in January – I am presently taking a short course in Political theory – My Tutor Peter Ryley, who has an excellent blog (Fat Man on a Keyboard), pointed me to a recent article in the Telegraph which reports that there is now scientific evidence that […]

Develop an Eye and an Ear for Humour and Stories

Apart from feeling ghastly with the tail end of a persistent flu bug, I have had a brilliant day today attending a workshop for professional speakers on humour and storytelling. Excellent material and some great ideas for making my own keynote presentations more effective. Also on the same subject I recently discovered John Kindes excellent […]