#31DaysLive – My Daily Live Streaming Challenge

Nearly a month ago I decided to embark on a personal #31DaysLIVE challenge – to go live on the internet every day for the next month.  Why have I taken on this challenge?  Well, the simple answer is to overcome FEAR!   I can’t explain why, but having spoken professionally for over 30 years to audiences numbering […]

Rikki Arundel – PEPPTalk Speaker Showreel

I have started looking at how to use video more effectively both on my web sites and on my blogs. There are so many resources around now to help it is amazing and the great thing is that these resources are free. There are four main sites where you can upload video and share it […]

The Importance of Long Tail Marketing

I have increasingly been hearing about Long Tail Marketing recently and made a point today to check it out. If this is a term that is unfamiliar to you stay with me. If you know what Long Tail Marketing, is but would like to know more I have added some links and resources to my […]

Speaking about Transgender History

Well I had some fun yesterday. I have spoken at just about every sort of venue, but yesterday was a new experience – I was speaking at a Shopping Centre, right in the centre of the Princess Quays shopping centre in Hull on a busy Friday morning. It was not without its challenges I have […]

Squidoo : My Lensmaster Page

What, you might be thinking, is Squidoo? Squidoo is a free service (in fact you can even earn money with Squidoo) that enables you to create “Lenses” – Views on subjects you are expert in or simply topics you wish to promote. You can use a lens to promote your area of expertise and help […]

Articles That Sell

If you write articles to help promote your web site or blog – here is a great blog I have just found that provides lots of useful tips, advice and links – well worth putting in your RSS links. Articles That Sell